Friday, April 04, 2008

where'd my brain go?

I have a cold and mucus production is at an all time high. I've used two full rolls of toilet paper as Kleenex over the past two days. (Why buy Kleenex when Charmin toilet paper is both cheaper and softer?)

I swear my brain is leaking out my nose.

In knitting news, there was a little tiff at the group last night. I made a crack about a mohair willy warmer that I saw on ebay and some of the other members ran with it (we can be rather crude) and MF suddenly stood up and said, "Goodnight. I'm leaving," and quickly left. I immediately apologized to her and she said "why, you didn't do anything wrong." Except for bringing up the whole topic of willy warmers in the first place. I like MF a lot but I know that she's been having second thoughts about coming there. It is a really long drive for her and gas is really expensive now, and the group can be really loud and crude. MF is old fashioned, but in the best way. You know, manners and politeness old-fashioned. Not close-minded and "kids these days" old-fashioned. I feel bad because she is my friend and despite knowing that she gets uncomfortable with crude humor, I brought up the topic without thinking. I'm going to call her later and apologize again. I feel badly about the whole thing.

In more knitting news, I finally finished my brother's DNA socks. These weren't difficult but the complex stitchwork was definitely time consuming. Check 'em out:
This photo was taken without a flash. The color isn't accurate (the yarn is actually a dark gray) but this shows the stitchwork nicely. The one on the left has been blocked, and the one on the right is fresh from the needles. What a difference, eh?

What's blocking? The item is washed and then stretched out to its proper shape while still wet and allowed to dry. I finally broke down and bought a set of sock blockers, which is like a sock shaped wooden hanger. I've never bothered with blocking socks before but since these are a gift, I wanted them to look nice. I think the effort is worth it. I hope my bro likes them. I hope they fit, too. They are too big for me.

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jeanius said...

i totally felt bad for MF too. Let her know? I am sure if the majority had known it makes her uncomfortable, we probably wouldn't have even 'went there'. Lovely socks! I hope the brother likes them :)