Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what you do when on a business trip

It's a beautiful resort but the weather is horrendous. It takes a hardier soul than I to go for a walk in a mixture of freezing rain/snow. A drink costs $10 in the bar and most people went to bed really early anyway.

I brought my computer with me, theoretically so that I could input all my notes but that ain't happening. It's my own computer (I am not eligible to get a laptop at work) so I don't feel guilty at all sitting here and playing with the Photo Booth application.

Nothing like trying to take a picture of myself to paste on my Facebook page so that my long-lost friends can see what I look like now than to realize that my hair is absolutely awful and completely uncooperative.

A thoughtful look. Maybe it's because I washed my hair?

Life can be very funny!

(What is this look? I was trying for philosophical but I think I look a bit more startled.)

I need to get my hair cut.

The graphite pencil effect, pt 1.

The graphite pencil effect, pt. 2.

(I don't even like Andy Warhol.)

Generic, non-effect photo. Crappy color, which is why I went with B&W.

But I've been productive! (That's half a sock, in case you were curious.)


KatLandia said...

Your photos look like a Noxema ad. Remember those? The models were all fresh faced, flawless skin teenagers. In other words, you look very cute in your photo booth photos.

katze said...

You are truly a beautiful woman, inside and out. If you were here, I'd have to hug you.