Saturday, April 19, 2008

then and now

Some of you may not know that our dog Kate came into our lives the day we moved into our house. She was starving and had some terrible cuts and scrapes on her body.

Here's a picture of her right after we got her:

Can you tell how skinny she was? All of her ribs stuck out and you could count all the vertebrae in her back. You can see the scrapes above her right eye, too. Those have healed but she still has the scars.

And here's a picture of her just two weeks after we got her:

Shiny coat. Snuggled up on the couch. Happy and relaxed.

And here she is now, totally at home, with her best bud Seamus:

Total snugglebugs, both of them.


KatLandia said...

This has the be the cutest photo of Kate and Seamus. Their faces are so sweet. Makes me want to hug them!

Kary said...

Aw - both Kate & Seamus are adorable! HOOray that you accepted Kate into your home!! HugZ