Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gratuitous product placement

I'm addicted to Siggi's skyr (Icelandic style yogurt). I first saw it at the grocery store and was interested because I'd heard good things about skyr and I'm also interested in almost anything Icelandic. But it is expensive for yogurt: $3 for a 6 oz container. I decided to try it after realizing that I was okay buying a yogurt parfait at Starbuck's which cost nearly $5 but I wasn't willing to spend $3 to try skyr? (Why does the healthy stuff cost more than the freaking pastries? I could sort of understand it if the pastries had a long shelf life and the healthy stuff didn't, but it's the opposite.)

I bought a container of Pomegranite & Passionfruit flavored skyr. And I am hooked. Skyr is really, really thick; so thick that a spoon can stand up in it. But it's fat-free, but here's the best part: there are no stabilizers or thickeners in it. Usually, the less fat yogurt has, the more liquid it is. The liquid is strained out of the skyr, and that's the reason it costs more. It's essentially concentrated.

And oh so freaking good. At the grocery store yesterday, the checker asked me if "it was good yogurt". Woman, I am buying seven 6 oz. containers at a cost of $3 each. Would I spend $24 on yogurt if I didn't think it was f*cking sublime?