Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Road trip!

Part of the trick to achieving happiness in life is to look for the joy in small things.

For example, right now I am incredibly happy that I live in Tacoma because I just spent the last four hours in a minivan with three very intelligent, competent, and successful women who are also high-strung, Type A types complaining about their children. What bothered me most was not that they were complaining about their children, but that the tone of their complaints was veering very close to self-pity and self-martyrdom that I felt rather disgusted and wanted to throttle each and every one of them.

I am so glad that I live in Tacoma so I didn't have to ride all the way back to Seattle with them.

See? Little things like that. I feel much happier now.


KatLandia said...

Oh my-four hours of that? Did you at least have your iPod with you?

jeanius said...

that sucks. glad you found the bright side of it though ;)