Friday, April 25, 2008

the most beautiful thing in the world

Continuing with the philosophy that joy is found in the little things, I present you with the most beautiful thing I have recently seen:

This is the laundry hamper full of Oscar's clothes. What makes this so beautiful is that I did not put them there. Nor was it laundry day.

Oscar put his own clothes in the laundry hamper without me saying ANYTHING.

Ah, it truly brought a tear to my eye.

Let's contrast that with one of the most frustrating things in my world:

This is the kitchen wall, bereft of shelves. There used to be shelves there before Oscar got sick of them and took them down to replace them with much cooler shelves from IKEA to satisfy his designer-y soul.

He took these shelves down last November and it is now almost May. And he complains how inefficient and cramped the kitchen is...

I figure six months is plenty of time for him to have taken care of this before I gripe publicly.

Besides, he has said that he doesn't read my blog anyway. :P

Pre-21st century wifely complaint: "You never listen to me!"
21st century wifely complaint: "You never read my blog!"

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