Sunday, April 20, 2008

it's getting to me

We've been having some rather unusual weather lately. Three weeks ago it snowed. Last Saturday was a very lovely but unseasonably summer-like day (which caused just about everyone in the Puget Sound area to mow their lawns and cause great distress to all those who have grass allergies).

The past few days have alternated between cold rain, warm sunshine, sleet, snow, and hail. Often within the same hour.

Oscar, Kat, and I went up to Seattle yesterday to go to some yarn shops. (I thought Kat's husband Crash was going to come along too, but he recently joined an Ultimate Frisbee league and had the pleasure of playing the entire game in that weird hail/sleet/snow crap that's been falling from the sky.)

I spent the afternoon updating my Ravelry account, and trying to take pictures of my yarns that I haven't put in the database yet. I was trying to take pictures outside but I could only take a few snaps at a time before the weather turned nasty again and I'd have to move everything inside.

I swear it wasn't until just a few minutes ago that I noticed a theme among the yarns I bought yesterday:

First, a lovely alpaca yarn from Bolivia

Second, a thick sock yarn from Sweden

Third, an unusual linen paper yarn from Japan.

Apparently, this weather has erased all desire for color out of my life.

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KatLandia said...

So, will you buy more blue yarn in the Summer? Hmmm...I see a future Sociology/Psychology paper "looming" on the horizon...Shopping Habits of the Yarn Obsessed as it Relates to Climate Change...or, something to that effect.