Sunday, September 28, 2008

kitten photos

triumphant kitten resting after reaching base camp 4, before attempting  the summit of Mt Luneray
All three kittens on Oscar's lap.
Oscar's not really sideways but the photo is. 

Hanging out after a rough day of climbing up people's bare legs and not pooping in the litter box


L J said...

Cutie pies! They will catch on to the litter box. Takes a bit sometimes. They should catch on fairly soon with mamma there. With out the mom, I'd say to put a poopie in the box and leave it there so that they could "smell" where they needed to go. Oh... Wear pants! ;-)

katze said...

David's old roommate's cat used to sit on his shoulders the same way. He called it being a "land pirate"-- "YARRR, I be Liza, the land pirate's parrotcat! I hate the sea and everything in it!"

CarpeDyem said...

Have they discovered curtains and how to cling on to mt Luneray when mt Luneray is moving?! Lots of fun!! oh and shredded skin!