Friday, September 26, 2008

in which I show off most of the new foster cats

Mama cat. Very sweet, but painfully thin. Keeps trying to climb onto my lap when I'm sitting in this chair, but I don't know if she's trying to cuddle or just trying to take the chair over for herself. 
Grey kitten #1. The bold one. Also very noisy. 

Kitten #2. A beauty. Also very friendly. She reminds of a ragdoll in her looks. 

No pictures of grey kitten #2. That one is shy, and is hiding somewhere.

These guys will stay with us until the kittens can be altered (when they weigh two pounds/1 kilo). After the kittens are weaned, Mama cat will be spayed. My guess is three weeks until they will be ready for adoption? 

Apparently, every cat in this house loves me except for Sasha, who came up to me this afternoon, nuzzled a bit and then peed all over my shoulder. This was the final straw. As far as I'm concerned, he's turned himself into an outdoor cat. 


CarpeDyem said...

They are the most gorgeous kitties and kitty momma I've seen in a long time! Did Sasha pee or squirt? Was he marking you as his, what with the increase in cat population?

jdroth said...

So cute. I love kittens. If Kris would let me, I would always have 4-5 kittens on hand. When they became less kittenish, I would trade them in for new models. Fortunately, we're both aware the real-world implications of this practice, and it's not something I would ever really do. But I want to.