Friday, September 26, 2008

in which our household cat population has increased by four

Currently residing in the office is one very skinny mama cat and three fluff ball kittens. Mama and two of the kittens are grey and the other is cream colored with light grey ears, tail and feet. (Or perhaps it's just dirty, I don't know.) One of the grey kittens is very adventurous and bold and the other one is not. They look identical to me so the only way I know which one is which is that the shy one will hiss. 

Right now, they are all romping around the office. Apparently, it's a great kitten playground. And my toes are a big hit. One or more of the kittens will wander by and nibble a bit and then walk on. 

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L J said...

Ohhh... kitty babies! Love em! They are terror on toes tho aren't they. We have 4 at work right now, just weaned from Mama Cat this past week. Love to watch them tumble around for a frenzied few minutes then colapse in a heap for the mandatory naps.