Sunday, September 07, 2008

in which I show off my neighborhood

Here's a collection of photos I took today during the walk, just in case you are interested in seeing what my neighborhood looks like. (What you don't see is the comedy of me actually trying to take ANY photos while walking two dogs and constantly pulling up my yoga pants which kept falling down.)

In no particular order are some snaps of South End Tacoma:

A variation on the American Folk Custom of a pair of  shoes tossed over powerlines: headphones tossed over powerlines
A scarecrow! This woman has a fabulous garden and also keeps geese.
The VW bug graveyard. Right across the street from Geese Lady. A connection?
S 47th St. Not the most interesting place. At least their are sidewalks. That thing in the foreground is a portable basketball hoop. Notice the lack of people outside? I walk through my neighborhood almost every day and rarely see anyone. It's like a ghost town. 
Not the greatest picture, but this tree is loaded with apples. There were a lot on the ground, too, and the air smelt like applesauce. 

Just an old detached garage, charming in its dilapidated state.
Our neighborhood actually has alleyways! This one is actually useable, unlike the one behind our house.
I like this house. I love the big porch. 
Curbside garden. Very nice. The neighborhood has varying levels of infrastructure. All the streets are paved but curbs, gutters, and sidewalks are kind of randomly distributed. I guess this is more accurately called a "drainage ditch-side garden". Still nice. 
One happy dog, enjoying a good roll in the early autumn sunshine.
Sing along with me. "Our house. In the middle of our street."  Our house is the one on the far left. We do have sidewalk, curb, AND gutter!  (No, that brown car doesn't belong to us. That's our neighbor's, whose house doesn't appear in the photo.)
One block away. Sidewalk, no curb, no gutter. 
Two blocks away. Freshly resurfaced roadway. No sidewalk, curb, or gutter. 
This guy turned his backyard into an RV storage barn. 

I like how the city put in wheelchair access to a patch of grass and a steep staircase.

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