Wednesday, October 01, 2008

in which I am not safe

The kittens figured out how to get out of the office this morning so they've been wandering freely around the house, exploring and searching for Mama Cat (who is a remarkably indifferent maternal figure). They actually like being around people; in fact, it's really hard to get away from Jasper and Nadja. Mouse, however, is more indifferent. She's happy to climb up to my shoulder and hang out but doesn't seem to enjoy being petted or held. 

Unfortunately, the kittens remain clueless about the litter box and since they are wandering freely, they kind of drop a load wherever. Arg! Even Mama Cat, who so far has been really good about using the litterbox, decided to relieve herself on the kitchen rug. 

Our house definitely won't win any tidiness awards but dammit, even I have standards, and they don't include kitten piss and poop everywhere! Mama Cat doesn't clean them so I've given them towel baths for the past few nights. It is amazing how stinky a kitten can get. 

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