Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kitten madness

I am sitting hunched over my computer and I am covered with kittens. They are all either sitting on my shoulders or trying to climb up to the top of my head. I'm also covered with kitten scratches, because they all climbed up my bare legs to get to the summit of Mt. Luneray. 

I've figured out names for the kittens. The white one is Nadia, because she is rather a gymnast. She is very sociable and active. 

The male grey kitten I'm calling Jasper, because he purrs very loudly. Jas-PURR, get it? 

The female grey kitten was a bit harder to name. Both grey kittens look identical to me unless I look at their gender bits so it's usually by their behavior that I tell them apart. Grey kitten #2 is more shy and a bit smaller. She also has a very squeaky voice. So she is called Mouse. You know, grey, timid, and squeaks? Plus I like the idea of calling a cat "mouse". 

Now, if they'd figure out that the big box of litter is for pooping in, things would be much nicer. I know they can get in to it, and Mama Cat uses it. Ah well, they are young yet. At least they mostly use the towels that I've placed on the floor. I've found one non-towel deposit; hopefully, that's the only one. Sadly, the office is kind of stinky right now. 

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