Saturday, August 30, 2008

in which I wonder how that staff meeting went

You may have heard about the publicity stunt posed by Lush Cosmetics. Several of their female staff stood in Westlake Center in Seattle wearing nothing but aprons that said "Ask Me Why I'm Naked". The stunt was to promote the minimal packaging used by the shop. 

But really, how do you bring this up in a staff meeting. "Which of you minimum wage staff is willing to stand outside naked on a chilly Seattle day?" 

Of course I have link to pictures.


L J said...

Umm... I don't think that (even were I skinny) they could have paid me ENOUGH to do that. I have an objection to the "nearly nighties" that some women wear as tops nowadays. Call me a prude... but I say leave something to the imagination Ladies. :-) Bet they were chilly tho!

Christophernicus said...

The dude behind them in the pic is classic.