Thursday, June 26, 2008

in which I wonder if the male half of the population could possibly please explain this to me?

Male readers, help me understand your half of the population.

(And, no, I'm not talking this time about the repeated visits to this blog based on Google searches for "low cut sweater pics". There's at least one visit per day, if you are curious. From all over the world! However, this is outnumbered by visits from people looking for the sheep sculptures, and for some reason, this little blog has become a top search result. Most of the searches come from either Australia or New Zealand, for some reason. Welcome, Antipodeans!)

At Black Sheep Gathering last weekend, I bought a freshly shorn Rambouillet sheep fleece. I'm not quite sure why I bought an entire fleece, because I don't know how to spin. And if I wanted to learn to spin, there was plenty of cleaned, prepared fiber to choose from. (I have to wash this fleece, and then prepare the fiber for spinning.) But the fleece did smell quite nice. It had a pleasant barnyard smell, and all the lanolin in the wool actually smells really sweet and rather floral. (I thought lanolin baby oil was scented with something, but now I think that is really just the smell of the lanolin itself.)

While researching on teh Interwebs for some information on how to prepare a fleece for washing, I found a link for a site called Sounded like a good site, so I clicked and found that it's being cybersquatted. Perhaps in the past, that domain name was actually occupied by a site dedicated to spinning fibers, but no longer. Now, it's just a list of the search terms that led to the site which are mostly fiber arts related; but one really stands out: "make my dick bigger". 

Gentlemen, how the heck are spinning and dick size related? Is "spinning" some guy phrase that us estrogen-blessed folks are not aware of? Like some sort of Mason secret handshake?

(oh, and I like how there's an option to make my homepage.)