Sunday, June 29, 2008

in which I wash more fleece

Screw the 100g at a time method. 

I washed half of my remaining fleece today (about 2lbs/1 kilo). I haven't weighed it; I'm just going by a visual of what's remaining in the bag. I did it in two batches, and I used the bathtub. Yes, I'm taking a risk of clogging the drain with lanolin, but I've poured a few kettlefuls of boiling water down the drain in an effort to rinse it all out. We shall see. If I clog the drain, then I know not to do this again!

I followed the same method of filling two plastic tubs with water, but since they were in the bathtub now, I could fill them much fuller and thus wash a greater quantity of fleece. (It takes a stronger person than I to carry two 15 gallon (about 55 liter) tubs full of water out to the backyard, so in the bathtub they sat.)

Other than that, same method. Wanna see how dirty the water is?

No, the little brown bits floating around are not sheep poop, but bits of fleece that got poured out with the water. Sheep poop is green. 

And the final product:

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jeanius said...

see, you got the hang of it! and a new wheel! a convert! lol I hope to see lots of handspun this fall :)