Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in which I get the result of my Professional Engineering exam

1. The email notification consisted only of a .pdf attachment named "WA_Fail" so there wasn't too much need to read further.

2. I did anyway. Here's my breakdown:

Knowledge Areas Percent Correct
Breadth--Construction 63
Breadth--Geotechnical 75
Breadth--Structural 50
Breadth--Transportation 88
Breadth--Water Resources 50

Depth--Construction Module
Earthwork Construction and Layout 50
Estimating Quantities and Costs 57
Construction Operations and
Methods 67
Scheduling 57
Material Quality Control and
Production 0 (yay me! that's a single digit there, folks.)
Temporary Structures 40
Worker Health, Safety, and
Environment 67
Other topics 75

3. The sad thing is that I did better than I thought I would on the afternoon section--with the exception of Temporary Structures (which I swear was half of the afternoon questions) and Material Quality control (which is impossible to do worse). I didn't expect to do well in the Breadth Structural but I did expect to do better with the Water Resources.

October 2008 exam, here I come! Woo-hoo!


katze said...

Ish. That's not fun. What's a passing score? Do you have to pass each topic, or is it like the bar, where you just have to get a minimum total score in each section?

Me said...

Washington sends out there results early. I wont get my results until August 4th... Doesn't matter when they send them though, I'm sure I will be there in October too... :)