Wednesday, June 04, 2008

in which I make progress on the office

Nothing helps alleviating the blues like making some progress on unfinished projects. (Actually, single malt scotch is more effective but I didn't have any.)
I am now sitting at my desk for the first time since we moved in to this house nearly 18 months ago. The office is definitely not yet perfect but it is somewhat functional. I have set up my computer on the desk and am typing away, and the other computer desk is still functional and useable! I did steal the computer chair, though. The kitchen chair I was using has a seat as hard as a deadly sin and even my callipygous assets aren't enough to counter that discomfort.

While cleaning off the desk, I found a hat that I bought while in Estonia. Tallinn has a beautiful old town that dates to the late Middle Ages. All the buildings are still in use and most date from the 16th and 17th century. I think the oldest dates from the 15th century. Every weekend during the summer, there is a market fair in the main square and I bought a medieval style felt hat made from raw wool. I wore it once but didn't like it all that much because it really smelled funny, to be honest. But I never got rid of it because hey, I bought it in Estonia! After coming across the hat in the bottom archaeological layer of my desk, I decided that I could use it as a bowl to hold knitting supplies (naturally). It's shape was pretty bowl-like already but I decided to get it wet and shape it around a real bowl for a better shape.

After chucking it in the sink, I found out why the hat always smelled so funny:

I think the hat was made from really raw wool--straight-off-the-sheep fleece. Uncombed, unbrushed, and most importantly, unwashed. I suppose the little bits of straw should have tipped me off but I bought this before I learned to knit and at the time only knew that wool came from sheep. So the erstwhile hat is now cleaner--and a much lighter color--and is stretched over a colander to dry.


jeanius said...

good idea for that hat (and kinda yucky about how dirty it was lol)! And I hope you are feel less blue..

I all ready miss knit group and it's not even 7 yet (sigh)

katze said...

Man, that was a good day. I don't really remember you buying that hat, though. The wine, I remember. Coincidence?