Friday, June 06, 2008

in which I share Seamus's new trick

Seamus, big lovable goofy dog that he is, gets upset when I sit at the computer because it means my hands are busy typing and not petting him. When I sat at the desktop computer, he learned that he could shove the keyboard tray back under the desk with one quick flick of his nose and stick his head in my lap...and dog head on lap prevented me from pulling the tray back out. Clever beast, isn't he?

Now that the office is somewhat organized and I'm using my laptop computer on my desk (instead of using Oscar's desktop computer at the computer desk), Seamus has had to figure out another way of getting my attention. He can put his head on my lap since there is no keyboard in the way but I can effectively ignore him. But now the beast has discovered that he can use his nose to press that long lever on the stem of the chair, which instantly lowers the chair seat from the highest position where I like it down to the lowest position where he can put his face in mine. I so hate that sudden elevation drop that whenever I notice him even looking behind the chair, I instantly stick out my hand to pet him. 

Dog 1. Human 0.

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jeanius said...

he's doing a good job of getting you well trained I'd say. I think Peanut is doing the same. I said just one balloon today and soon I had blown up 4. (sigh)