Friday, June 20, 2008

in which I prepare for a road trip

This weekend, I will be going down to Oregon with my friends Kat and Ickyfishy. I met them both at the weekly knit group and joyously, both have morphed from "my knitting friends" to "my friends who also happen to knit".

That being said, we are going to Eugene to attend the Black Sheep Gathering, a wool/fiber festival. I've never been to wool festival before, and I thought it might be nice. We'll be there for two days, and if it turns out to be dull, there are plenty of other things going on in Eugene (like the Olympic Track and Field trials, which made finding lodging very challenging!)

I'm just happy to be going away somewhere. I'm really a homebody, but once in awhile I get the urge to travel somewhere. 

Since the cheap gas is now $4.50 a gallon (approximately $1.15 per liter), I figure there won't be too many other travelers on the road. :)

1 comment:

jeanius said...

did you guys have a good time? :)

ickyfish lent me her carders.. lots of fun!