Saturday, July 19, 2008

in which I have modest gardening success

My first ever carrot! I planted a carrot seed mixture called "Rainbow" that had three colors of carrots--orange, yellow, and red. I'm not sure this is completely "ripe" because it's six inches long but I wanted to harvest it anyway. I had a great idea of interspersing radish and carrot seeds in a checkerboard manner, with seeds planted 1" apart. Since carrots germinate so slowly, I figured that the carrots would have sprouted by the time the radishes were ready for harvesting. In theory, it would have worked really well except that the cats went crazy there, and so I lost a lot of seeds. 

Keeping cats out of the raised bed has been the biggest problem. Short of building a fence around the garden bed, I'm not sure what I can do. Any ideas?


L J said...

:-) you can eat your carrot. I have been eating the ones that I thin from the garden. We add them to the stir fry's or what ever. The longest one that I have had so far is about 4" and quite thin, tho we had a few one inchers that were rolly-polly.

Christophernicus said...

It's late, I know, but we stuck fondue forks in the plants of our pots to keep the cat out. Pros often cover the bed with a plastic mesh screen.