Thursday, July 03, 2008

in which I am sucked into the latest internet craze

Well, one of them anyway.

Hell yes, I'm doing them "girly-style".

After having to wrestle with Seamus at the vet, I think I need all the upper body strength I can get. 

What happened? Well, he got really anxious and started to jump up on me. Please remember that he was there to get his nails trimmed. Within a single minute, my arms were covered in scratches (one was bloody) and he left deep scratches along the vet's erstwhile pristine, beautiful green wall. Everyone thought it would be a good idea to sedate him, so I helped the vet tech lead Seamus into a kennel and she gave him a shot (no problem). 

After a while, the vet came into the exam room and said that the sedative was having an unusual effect on Seamus and instead of calming down, he was trying to dig his way out of the kennel. They took Eddie to the back, and brought Seamus into the exam room, where he kept pacing back and forth. Eventually, the sedative started to take effect because the vet noticed that his eyes looked a bit glazed and we were able to get his nails trimmed. Me to put the muzzle on him, the vet tech to physically lie down on him and hold his front legs, I held the back legs, and the vet clipped his nails. 

I highly recommend Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital if you are looking for a good vet in Tacoma.  It's a good place, even if Seamus doesn't agree.


cymrusteve said...

good luck with the push ups!

i'm still trying to work out how the plan has taken over the internet...


jeanius said...

push-up challenge seems so doable! I am in! I will do my test today :)

Poor you and Seamus! My moms'(and Peanuts') dog, Romeo, hates baths. He growls and gets aggressive. Now, he really needs a bath ... lol