Saturday, July 12, 2008

in which I become a buffet

I am a tasty dish indeed. Warm, succulent, sweet and salty.

Just ask any of the two million or so mosquitos who feasted on my lifeblood this evening.

I can imagine a dining review in the Mosquito Blog. "Four stars for fat chick in S. End Tacoma. She doesn't smoke and she drinks lots of water, so her skin is soft and her blood pleasingly textured. Most importantly, she is so engrossed in reading/knitting/gardening/yelling at the dogs to shut up that she won't even notice you!"

Anyway, dabbing the bites with rubbing alcohol helps alleviate the itch as well as anything else I've tried. It's certainly cheaper than calamine lotion and it doesn't turn your skin pink!

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katze said...

Ugh. Mosquitos have an unfortunate fondness for my blood, too. I astounded my roommates in DC with my ability to attract more bites than the other three people in the house put together.

I just read this weekend that vinegar helps because it does something to the venom that lessens its effect. I hope not to find out if it works any time in the near future-- at least not by personal experience.