Monday, July 14, 2008

in which I am humbly reminded that every journey begins with a single step

100 pushups.

Week 1, day 1, and (ahem) column 1. 


And not without extended rest periods. (You are supposed to rest at least 60 seconds between sets. Between sets 3&4 and 4&5, I had to rest 120. Yes, I used a timer.)

And I really need to vacuum the carpet too.  And kick the animals out next time. It's hard enough for me to do even a single girly pushup without my cat deciding he wants to hang out right under my chest.  


jeanius said...

and very sore the day after ;o) off to do day 2 of week one, column one also :o)

LJ said...

Owwie. Take a hot bath. I haven't decided to do that yet. Thought that I would wait and see how you and Jeanie made out with it. :-) I do however think that I have the blogger thing figured out. Maybe. lol