Sunday, April 05, 2009

new wool socks--just in time for spring!

Yes folks, hot off the needles on this 65 degree F (18 C) day is a pair of 100% wool socks.

these pictures don't do justice to the yarn or the sock pattern. (Insert Oscar's grumbling about his crappy digital camera and how he really needs a better one...)

The yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in a random colorway called "Rare Gems".  This colorway is reserved for the all the experiments done by Tina (BMFA master dyer). These only sold at BMFA booths at various festivlas because the Rare Gems are never consistent.  I think a few of the Rare Gems have become part of the permanent line, but for the most part, if you see a Rare Gems that you like, you need to get it then, because it may never be available again. 

And I really like this color. The blues and greens in this yarn remind me of a peacock. There's a depth to these colors that sadly doesn't show up in the photo. Also, neither does the stitch pattern I chose.  You really can't tell that the leg of the sock is done in a lace pattern, can you? Usually, "fancy stitches" aren't recommended for variegated yarns because the stitch work doesn't show up. And that's true in this case. However, and I admit that it's hard to see in the picture (insert Oscar's grumbling about his crappy digital camera here), the stitch pattern I used for the cuff of the sock broke up the color variegation in a subtle and interesting way, giving the colors a dappled effect. 

To be honest, that was really a happy accident. I chose this particular sock pattern because it is fun to knit and is very comfortable. Everything else was serendipity. :)

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