Sunday, April 26, 2009

more doggie pandemonium

In 24 hours, Sam has:

1. learned to sit on command, most of the time
2. had a bath without too much fuss
3. mightily resisted crate training
4. peed on the kitchen floor
5. removed all the items from my knitting area and strew them around the living room*
6. removed everything from my backpack except the binder
7. enticed Seamus to play with him (Yay!)
8. Never stopped smiling (except when in the crate)

*(thankfully, he didn't eat any yarn. I don't care about losing yarn; I'm concerned about intestinal blockages!)


L J said...

Oh my! Sounds like he was having some fun. Except for the crate part. Hope he didn't destroy any yarn or yarn related stuffs. But, yeah, really.... as long as he didn't eat any. Obstruction surgeries are pretty expensive.

Rachael said...

Sounds like Sam is making himself at home! Hope his learning continues.