Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet the new foster dog

Meet Sam, our new foster dog from the Humane Society/Bulls Eye Dog Rescue.
He's about 55 lbs (25kg) of lovable, snuggly doggie sweetness. He's about a year old and has no manners. Yet. But he's a sweet boy and very attuned to people so I think he will learn quickly.  He and Kate are already BFFs and spent the afternoon playing around in the yard. His left shoulder is malformed but it doesn't seem to cause him any pain. It certainly doesn't seem to slow him down. 

He's great with Kate and Sheba, and so far Seamus is treating him all right. Seamus was acting like a bully earlier but we separated them for a few hours and gradually reintroduced them and so far, so good. 

Sam will be with us for a month full time, then go back to the Humane Society during the week and come back to us on weekends until he's adopted. I expect him to be adopted pretty quickly, though. He's young and very sweet. 

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L J said...

And a handsome one to boot. Hopefully he will be quick on gaining some manners... that always helps to make a good impression with prospective owners. ;-)