Friday, March 27, 2009

in praise (?) of modern dentistry

I am a good dental patient. I don't freak out. I instinctively keep my tongue out of the dentist's way.  I am quite aware that if I didn't earn a professional salary while living in a first world country, I'd probably be missing many of my teeth. 

And I know that HUGE strides have been made to make dentistry as comfortable and as comfortable as possible. 

BUT! All the fancy pain numbing drugs given DURING a procedure wear off. My freaking jaw still hurts and my gums are a rather frightening black color. 

AND! Dental dams? If you still have to stick that suction-thingy in my mouth, then skip the stupid dam already. 

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L J said...

Ah... gotta love the dentist. (Not!) I have talked to my current dentist much more than I had to any previous, and he and his techs work with my "funky nerve" set up. I don't numb up well at all and when I do it isn't where they expect it. They have come to the conclusion that I am hardwired wrong. :-)
Still snowing here... 10:45pm and we have ~3 inchs. Hee hee climate change. Of Course it changes... or we wouldn't have seasons. lol.

Why tho are your gums black? That doesn't sound well at all. Dental dams and those stupid x-ray tabs. Gag...
Missed you at knit night.