Monday, October 06, 2008

in which I update the animal situation

1. Nadja, Mouse, and MamaCat are back at the Humane Society under vet observation. I spoke to someone on the vet staff who seemed rather irked that I didn't keep Jasper's remains, but I explained that I didn't know that I was supposed to do that. (In Foster Cat Training 101, they don't cover Death of Foster Animals.) Besides, keeping a kitten corpse in my freezer is going above and beyond the call of duty, if you ask me.  She said she'd call the emergency vet to see if they could get the remains for testing. 

(On a side note, the emergency vet faxed the visit summary to my regular vet, and Dr Warren called me this morning to express her condolences. That was very nice of her, and unexpected too since Jasper wasn't one of her patients.)

2. My friend HippieChick give Eddie a new home. I'll miss the guy, but I know she's a great human to her pets.

3. I spoke to my neighbor and told him we'd foster his dogs until they could find a good home if he wasn't able to rehome them by the time he had to move. I'm 95% sure that he won't look very hard for new homes and that we will end up with them. This is actually what I'm hoping for. I know you can find good families for pets via "free to a good home" ads (after all, that's how we found Seamus), but these are an Amstaff and an Amstaff mix and I'm really concerned that they'd fall prey to a not-very good home. Both these dogs are really good dogs, and they deserve a chance.  

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