Sunday, August 03, 2008

in which I visit Pt Defiance park

Rather bored and lonely this afternoon, so I went to Pt. Defiance Park to visit the gardens. I wanted to see the Japanese garden, because Japanese gardens are my newest obsession.

Anyway, lovely day, lots of people. Here are some very amateurish pics (which for some reason uploaded out of order):
Lovely little waterfall in the Japanese garden
A view of downtown: the Bridge of Glass on the left with its large blue sculptures (which remind me of big sticks of rock candy but this is Art) and the Museum of Glass on the right (the silver conical building)
Gunnara plants with some lilies between them. According to the information plaque, the common name for Gunnara is "Dinosaur food". No joke!
Lovely path leading to the fuschia garden. The hydrangeas were a far more spectacular color than I could capture.
A view of the shrine in the temple style Japanese garden.
A little island in a pond with a nice water fall and lots of happy geese, ducks, and turtles.
The other side of the hydrangea path. Those big plants are Gunnara. 
Seriously, these leaves were about 4' (1.3 m) across. Dinosaur food indeed!

Pt Defiance is a lovely park. It's really a gem.

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