Saturday, August 02, 2008

in which I take the first of several steps toward fitness

I did it.

I registered for the Whidbey Island Half Marathon in March 2009.

Weather is always a crapshoot at that time of year. Please start sending good wishes for a race day free of precipitation.


L J said...

Whoo hoo! Good luck on the Marathon. At least you have a bit of time to prepare.

Hope that the kitty turns up. I had one shut up over night in the yarn room a few weeks ago.

Good luck on getting rid of the ... hate those dratted beasties. :-)

Christophernicus said...

Wow, have you ever done a half-marathon before? I failed about 15 years ago, when I was more in shape. Good luck!

jeanius said...

this sounds like a good thing to do! I just did day 1 week 1 of the C25K. My legs hurt today ;) Maybe I should sign up for the half marathon and do it with you?