Sunday, May 11, 2008

Warning--fat lady models low-cut handknit sweater!

Another all nighter (damn insomnia), but I finished everything by about 4am. I resisted putting it on just in case All Was Not Right. No need to wake Oscar up with near hysterical knitter behavior in the middle of the night. He already puts up with a house full of yarn. No need for me to push it.

(EDIT--photo deleted because some jerk copied it to a fetish site without asking my permission)

So, the pluses...the seams look all right, even if they wouldn't pass a close examination. the buttons do look all right. The sweater length is good and Yes, the neckline is supposed to be that low. (One positive for buxom ladies like me.) The stitch pattern yielded a very stretchy fabric and the sweater is very comfortable even though it's snug.

the minuses: what you don't see are the sleeves. While each sleeve does match each other in length, neither of them actually matches my arms. The sleeves end at my knuckles making this a hybrid sweater-handwarmer. That's really the only minus.

So, it's not perfect but it's not a disaster. If I made this again, I would make some modifications (like shortening the sleeves and raising the neckline) but overall I don't think it's that bad.


katze said...

That is a fabulous shade of blue, too! Bet it looks fantastic with your eyes.

jeanius said...

i am so glad you finished and shared a photo! It looks fabulous! :)