Sunday, May 18, 2008

excuse me, but you are making me uncomfortable

Site Meter is an interesting thing. It gives me a chance to see who is visiting this blog, since I otherwise wouldn't know unless y'all leave a comment each and every time you visit.

A good majority of visits are the result of search engine results and most of those are "mistake" hits, because the time spent at this here internet address is less than one second. (Apparently, lots of people from the UK and France end up at my blog, but I'm assuming they are looking for information on the town in France, not the life musings of a 30-something denizen of Washington state.)

But a few people have come here and browsed. I can tell this by the time spent on the site and the number of page views. That's pretty neat. Total strangers think my writing is interesting enough to keep reading. 'tis very gratifying. Some of 'em come back regularly. 'tis even more gratifying.

But the dude in New Jersey who came to this site from a Google search for "pictures sweaters low-cut"? The only good thing about this is that this site didn't provide what he was looking for (based on the visit length of two seconds), which is quite the relief. Move along, move along.

(There's no need for readers to be concerned about privacy issues. I don't know the identity of anyone who visits. If someone types in this blog address directly or has it as a favorite link, then all I see is internet provider information; e.g. comcast or click-network.)

1 comment:

Me said...

Always strange, maybe no longer a stranger...

I am an engineer in California and stumbled upon your blog after searching for PE exam related information. I read a little further, and have continued to come back for your enjoyable attitude and fun style.

Oh, and don't feel uncomfortable, you are too awesome for that...