Friday, May 23, 2008

in which I reveal my grand ambition

My plan for this weekend is to actually turn the spare room into functional space. I have put this off for a long time (basically since we moved into the house 18 months ago) and I'm tired of it. The key to a pleasant life in a small house is organization. Both Oscar and I suffer from clutteritis, and both of us have made halfhearted attempts at some sort of organization, usually when an area gets too out of control even for us. Unfortunately, at that point, any change is a vast improvement so nothing ever gets to a really good state.

Here's what it looks like now:

I've got a good start because the shelves have been put up. (Thank you Oscar!) And really all that needs to be done is some organization. There are two large boxes of Important Papers that need to be filed (yes, there is a two drawer filing cabinet tucked in the back). Getting that done will clear up a lot of stuff off my desk (the table to the left).

On the left is a freezer taking up the entire closet (not large to begin with). Yes, there is a freezer in the closet. It came with the house and we need to get rid of it. I was using it as yarn storage (go ahead and laugh if you want, but it was perfectly fine storage space since the thing isn't even plugged in) but now I just want it gone because I want the closet to be used for real storage--like the tools that are right now just kind of laying on the floor.

Wish me luck.

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jeanius said...

luck wished. should share a photo of my desk. it's a mess. also, that dandelion poster is great.