Saturday, May 17, 2008

coffee, tea, or? well, just tea.

In honor of today's record breaking heat (it's currently 92 degrees F in the City of Destiny)*, I offer my method of making delicious iced tea. The best thing is that you can use a really low grade tea and still get good results.

This makes double strength tea, but it tastes just fine if you serve it over ice since the cubes will dilute the tea as they melt. If you don't have ice, add cold water in 1:1 proportion.

1. Fill pitcher with lukewarm water--not hot, and not cold.
2. Add teabags. Use 10 bags per quart/liter of water. Don't mash them down or stir.
3. Let sit for 45 minutes.
4. remove tea bags with slotted spoon. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BAGS. Let them drain naturally if you wish (you don't have to) but for the love of whatever deity you pray too, DON'T SQUEEZE THE TEABAGS!
5. After removing the teabags, give the brewed tea a quick stir. It's ready to serve! Store unused concentrate in the fridge.

*I think that's 35 degrees C. It's hot. One month ago, it was snowing. And, yes, "City of Destiny" is Tacoma's nickname, even though I have to be careful not to write "city of density".

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katze said...

Do you remember the Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin tries to get everyone to start calling him "Boy... of DESSSTINY"? That's what I'll think of everytime I think of Seattle now.