Tuesday, March 10, 2009


some *ssh*le or *ssh*les came into our yard today and spray painted graffiti in three places on our garage, fence, and house.  

Don't know if "crip" is still a gang or if it is some slang I don't know but that's what's written.

At least no one broke into the house. Perhaps the dogs frightened 'em off?


Rachael said...

Awwe jeese. I am sorry that happened. Yes the crips and bloods are still active gangs in our area so that is probably what that was all about. Hope they decide to move on to, well to nowhere actually. Just hope they stop this nonsense.
Hugs for you.

jeanius said...

need any help to remove it? Let us know.. What a week!

katze said...

Jesus. I'm sorry this happened to you. Little assholes.