Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ok life, what's next?

Last Wednesday, the Big Project was finalized. All four signatories signed off. And Thursday, there was a freaking awesome cake from Gelatiamo. (Yes, Gelatiamo has great gelato but I can highly, highly recommend their baked goods as well.)

Thursday morning, I had a job interview for Office Engineer in a construction office. Lack of construction experience is my biggest hole, I think, in my engineering experience. Office Engineer is an office job (as opposed to being out in the field) and the main part of the position is overseeing Materials Documentation and Change Orders (which are changes to the approved design based on various conditions--error in the plans, changed conditions in the field, what have you). This particular construction office is doing the Really Big Project work so it would be exciting to experience the construction half. I also know that it would be a busy position, which is good. And it pays overtime, which is really the reason I applied for it, as it is a step down from my current position. I've put in so many hours of uncompensated OT this past year that I am sick of it. However, I don't feel that I aced the interview. I know of four people who are interviewing, and I think I'd be the 3rd or 4th choice. AFAIK, the people who are likely first and second choices don't really want the position. The likely first choice only applied because the Exec. Mgr overseeing construction told him to, and he didn't know how to say no. The likely second choice will probably not take it because the position is not located in downtown Seattle. (there are two physical offices associated with this project. One is located in downtown, right near the job site but it only has space for the actual field crew. The other office is located in South Seattle, in an area that's very difficult to get to by bus.)

If I am offered the position, I do think I will take it. I'll find out soon. They had to make a decision last Friday, so people will likely be notified by Monday.

There are only two downsides to this position: its location in South Seattle and the fact that I'd be managing a fairly large staff. My personnel management skill is limited and this is quite a large team.

As for its location, I can deal with it. I have three commuting options: drive myself from home, join the vanpool which commutes from the Tukwila train station, or take the bus from Tacoma to Seattle but get off at Spokane Street and ride my bike the remaining two miles.

Believe it or not, the bus/bike combo is the most attractive to me. Here's why: I hate driving, and I don't want the increased costs of driving 30 miles each way to work through one of the most congested traffic routes in the country. The train/vanpool option isn't very attractive either because that would require me to work a 4 day/10 hour shift, which would suck for me because the shift starts at 6am, which means I'd have to catch the 5am train from Tacoma, which means getting up at 4am. Also, that schedule means that I wouldn't get any OT unless I either worked more than 10 hours (and thereby stranding myself at the office) or came in on my day off.

So the bike/bus combo. Y'all know about my lists and one of the items on the "Summer 2010" list is to start biking more. When I lived in the Netherlands, I commuted everywhere by bicycle and in all kinds of weather (although I would prefer never to have to bike again during a hailstorm), so I know I can do this. I've found a route that should be fairly bike friendly; it's a city street but paved and low traffic volumes. I even bought some warm weather, brightly colored gear to wear (no, I do not like coral orange nor lime green but these color choices were not made for fashion but for visibility). Even if I don't get the job, I figure I'd still wear these clothes during my summer 2010 bike rides.

All that's really left is to tune up my bike. It needs a bit of work since I haven't ridden it in, well, ages. Not since grad school, actually.

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