Saturday, July 25, 2009

more random photos

view from the 32nd floor of the building I work in. Qwest field is in the left background, and the Port of Seattle is on the right. I love watching the cranes.
The "employee health center" at my office. Although I work for a state agency, I am co-located in a consultant's office and this is what they provide their employees. It's a stark difference than the first aid kits at the agency offices, in which great and passionate arguments arose about what kind of first-aid kit to supply. By law, the office must have a first aid kit, but so many of them come with aspirin or other mild pain relievers and apparently, we aren't allowed to "buy drugs with taxpayer money." So, if you are in an agency office, you are covered if you get a compound fracture, split an artery, or have a heart attack (there are defibrillators on each floor), but if you have a headache or cut your finger, you are on your own.

Contrast that to the consultant's cabinet, in which there are six different types of pain reliever, three types of throat lozenges, cold/flu/sinus medicine, eye drops, antibiotic cream, iodine and alcohol wipes, burn cream, several sizes of bandages for minor cuts, anti-diarrheal medicine, tablets for upset stomach, antacids, and many others. (They do not have anything to counter nausea. I guess they figure if you feel like throwing up, then go home.)
I love that someone decided to plant vegetables in an empty spot in an otherwise "professionally landscaped" area next to a building. Here are some beans.
And tomatoes.  First Hill, Seattle
Got pie? First Hill, Seattle

This is not my bike, but college classmates may remember that I painted my bike a similar color. Pioneer Square, Seattle


L J said...

Awesome first aid station that... We have a box of bandaids on a shelf... A few of us carry Ibuprofin or the like in our EDC. True there is "other stuff" in our building... but not set aside in a "Human first-aid station" ;-)

L J said...

.... oh. and the view... it is beautiful. Is your "office" on the 32nd floor?

Rachael said...

It's pics like these that make me miss living in Seattle. We had a little apartment on 1st hill on Union.

Christophernicus said...

That green and orange bike was awful, and it got stolen anyway, albeit not as soon as everyone else's.