Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Male knitting population increased by two

Here's Mr Softball working on his scarf. He caught on really quickly. Did four rows all by himself.

No, Mr Softball is not in agony. He's laughing at someone's comment. To his right is Alpaca Boy, who was a more typical beginning (meaning every knit stitch was accompanied by a lot of swearing).

And yes, I kept my end of the bargain. I played softball that evening. 


CarpeDyem said...

Fabulous! I'm amazed by the amount of men of my Dads generation that can knit, alhtough don't. But recant tales of being taught when they were children and made socks etc!!

Rachael said...

woohoo! keep it up!

L J said...

Congrats! Glad that they let you photograph them!

I suppose it is too late to let them know about the "stitch 'n pitch" at the Tacoma Rainiers(cheney stadium) (it's tonight)

jeanius said...

they look like they are enjoying themselves! Did you enjoy playing softball?

Christophernicus said...
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Christophernicus said...

Here's someone after your heart:
(link fixed)