Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Meet the new fosters

This is Simba; he's hard to photograph because he wants to be as near you as possible.

Another action shot.
Yes, that's a big smile! This guy's a total sweetheart, although he may challenge Seamus in the "who can lick Luneray's face the most" department.

This is Sheba. She is also usually smiling but she really needed to go out at that moment.

So far, they've both been good with the cats. Maggie had to teach Simba some manners because he was invading her personal space but he and Sasha seemed to hit it off right away. It'd be great if Sasha could have another dog buddy.  


CarpeDyem said...

They look content - hope all goes well for them - I know it will whilst they have Momma Luneray!

L J said...

Good looking doggies!

I came to the file size conclussion as well. and it worked with only one file. Just had to quit swearing long enough to realize it.