Monday, December 22, 2008

frakkin' cat

Ok, the house is now enveloped in that toxic gas cloud that means that a cat has just taken a dump. 

So, good cat human that I am, I immediately go to clean the litter box...and there's nothing in the box except clean litter.

This means that a cat...and I'm blaming Sasha here...has defecated somewhere outside the litter box. Given that it's 2:30 am, and Oscar's mom is asleep (I hope) on the couch, I can't turn on all the lights looking for said pile of cat crap and have to wait until morning. All I can hope is that he crapped on a dog blanket and not on the carpet. 

I know that some of my readers (cherished all!) are cat people or at least know cats better than I do. Can anyone help? What can I do? I can handle the 200+lbs of dogs in my house with no problem but I live in stark terror of a 10lb cat and his bodily functions.


CarpeDyem said...

Cat poop is a vile smell! I you can't switch the lights on, take a torch. One thing worse that smelling cat poop is fresh cat poop squishing between your toes.....

L J said...

mmmm... yes.... what she said. Stepping barefoot in cat poop (or vomit, or the dearly departed and decapitated mouse) is icky