Sunday, November 16, 2008

in which I am not crazy for knitting a blanket out of sock yarn

For every knitter out there who thinks that knitting a sweater out of fine yarn, with color work and shaping is just too much work...get thee to Bugknits, Althea Crome's website. She knits miniatures. Incredibly beautiful detailed clothing inspired by ancient Greek vases, Egyptian frescos, or Picasso's paintings.  Knitted at approximately 60 stitches per inch. (Oh yeah, you've always complained that something knitted at 8 stitches per inch is too much work, eh?) 

I guess these garments didn't provide enough challenge for her because she has also knitted "micro-garments", items at 1:144 scale.  As she puts it, "this is dollhouse scale for the dollhouse."

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L J said...

Ah yes... have seen her stuff before. I would be blind. Now I likes me a tiny gauge and all that... but, well, she is an Extreme Knitter. Living on the edge... the microscopic edge. Still her work is awsome and inspiring, and she must have incredible skills... I can't imagine rescuing a dropped stitch at that gauge.