Thursday, January 01, 2009

ignorance is bliss

I have mused before on the site meter. I don't get much traffic to this blog but it is still interesting to see who is reading it and where people are coming from.

Most of the traffic here is from people I either know personally or from sites where I am active (mostly raverly). Interestingly, there is a lot of traffic here from people doing a google search for "low cut sweater model" or "fat lady model" which led to the post in which I modeled my handknit sweater. This was at first somewhat creepy and then somewhat amusing but now I am really annoyed. 


Because some jerk copied those photos of me in my sweater and pasted them in a fetish blog, and then someone else lamented that he couldn't find any other pictures of me on my site, so someone else copied the pictures in which I'm modeling the hat I made.

I guess what really bugs me is not that these photos turned up at a fetish site; I guess it's to be expected that images are copied and pasted around. I did put photos on teh intarwebz after all, and I understand that the internet is public and posting anything carries a bit of a risk.  But it bugs me that no one asked my permission. Also, these photos of me innocently showing off my sweater are right below a film loop of one guy sticking a mayonnaise jar up his ass, the image of which is now sadly burned into my brain.  


jeanius said...

that totally sucks! I wonder if my pics are floating around anywhere I wouldn't want them...

Are you coming to Rachaels today? Lana and I (and Peanut) will be there :)

Gudrun Johnston said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Yes I do currently live in Fresno (my husband teaches creatove writing at Cal State).....we're not sure that we'll last there surely is too hot for too long...especially for a pale faced scottish lassie like me!