Sunday, January 06, 2008

Operation Skinny Dog

Seamus and I have started our fitness program, which is a simple plan of taking him on at least a 30 minute walk every evening. Although he is a big dog, he weighed in at 104 lbs (47 kilos) during his last vet visit, which is too much. I hadn't realized just how conducive to basic fitness living in an urban environment could be. When I lived in Seattle, I never thought of myself as a fit person but I did walk an awful lot, just doing everyday stuff. Walking to the grocery store, walking the dog every evening, walking to the library (oh, how I miss having a library within walking distance of my home). These were chores but they didn't feel like work because the neighborhood was interesting. The neighborhood where we live now doesn't really have a center; it's just a bunch of houses contained within a grid of high speed city streets. So taking the dogs on walks just isn't very interesting. There isn't much to see except for more houses, plus the streets and sidewalks are in pretty rough shape here, so footing can be treacherous.

I know that these walks are good for Seamus and for me as well, but they really aren't very interesting.

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jdroth said...

Maybe *I* should get a dog. Maybe then I could take it for walks. Maybe then I could lose weight. :)